Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sure let's post some art why don't we

For some reason I was thinking of the Sony Phillip Johnson building and there must have been some subliminal "Wizard of Oz" thing going on in my brain. Either that, or "Shrek... no clue.

Office doodles.

Hope one day I can piece them all together in a scrapbook.

Creativity knows no bounds when one has a pad and pen.

Though I still can't tell if the person at bottom is a person going into a "Tunnel of Love" ride at a fair or a horse with a carriage behind it.

I should have a vote. Which do you think it is?


Anonymous said...

It look like a hoo-ha and big dick.

Mommy said...

sad that your great art must be marred by an insensitive and rude anonymous remark. Oly, I am sure this scene you drew is your memory of Robin Hood entering into the castle fair for the archery contest. The big lump behind his hairy head is no doubt Little John with a sack of other members of Robin Hood's gang. Let's hear it for Kevin Costner's last good movie! Love, Mom

Oly said...

Mom, obviously you have never seen "Dragonfly."

That dances CIRCLES around the "Dances With Wolves."