Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Spotlight on Kezam

Perhaps it's not every day one of your friends walks you over the Manhattan Bridge and suggests something of the utmost illegality that even in your wildest dreams of abandon you wouldn't consider.

Ahem... insert hand suddenly grasping subway emergency escape exit hatch, lifting the gate to a hidden staircase, and the "Come on! Let's go down there!"

That tunnel system is just one of many that the depths of NYC keeps hidden to the untrained eye.

I might have said "No" to the spelunking opportunity, but at least I've seen pics of the works.

Somehow I picture the hairy catman hybrid from the tv series of "Beauty and the Beast" and the CHUM, etc., and whole webbing infrastructures of subterranian NYMHs greeting me upon my descent.
Instead, I've checked out 5 Pointz in Long Island City, Queens, several times with great enjoyment.

There's something about the illegal nature of graffiti that appeals to me somewhat, but there's only so far I can take it.

BUT I will say visually it's truly one of my favorite artforms-- just for its sheer ability to uniformly transform a flat surface to three-dimensional.

Another thing I find interesting about graffiti subculture is its hierarchical structure-- almost like a Royal Family, if you will, of Kings, Queens, Dukes, Dutchesses, Lords, and even ladies in waiting (similar to the skater girls who not only take it upon themselves to BE one of the boys but also to impress upon the boys a kind of sexual dominance power play).

I've loved seeing how Kezam takes on his extremely impressionable prodigies and transforms them into masters of metal aerosol cans.

Enjoy some of the attached work.
It blows me away.

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Tom said...

Well put, anything more would be a linguistic debasement. There's lots to be said for experiencing things in the here and the now.