Thursday, January 25, 2007

More fun with the open road-- Susan Grossman and Laura Faye Martin

I've decided I just can't seem to have my blog stay away from my renewed love of imagery from the open road.

When I first saw Laura's images from Vermont, it brought to mind the masterwork of Susan Grossman, an expert of charcoal and pastel repped by DFN Gallery in Chelsea.

Many of Susan's works deal directly with Manhattan streetscapes; with a definite focus on her children, and their safety (or lack thereof)-- or perhaps a parental eye taking note of their youthful freedom and obliviousness to the dangers that lurk all around them.

To the right is Grossman's "Avenues."

Once again, one of her boys is darting in front of a New York City cab-- her method of confronting every parent's worst nightmare.

By utilizing situations of utmost danger, she toys with the possibility of disaster, but also contrasts these horrifying scenarios with works of serene landscapes of the natural realm.

Susan and Laura Faye both take another unique perspective by the inclusion of powerlines-- forcing them out and upwards out of the upper right hand frame-- utilizing them as both a guideline and cutoff point for their works.

Susan's landscapes also deal with more of a sense of true disconnect-- more in the "observer" mode.

Even though we're surrounded by the intense beauty of Eastern Long Island, there's a huge distance between us and the center focal point.

It's a snapshot, mind you, of something perhaps unattainable-- we're just here for the temporary glance of nature in the raw; all the while the manmade structures are lurking--slashing across-- bringing us back into the harsh reality of life.

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