Friday, January 12, 2007

Left my favorite out of Laura Faye

I actually forgot to post this amongst all the other fantastic Laura Faye Martin photographs.

It's a montage of every single photo she took at the ICA in Boston, MA.

Immediately I was struck by the similarities between it and the famous Joseph Stella "Brooklyn Bridge" painting that hangs in Boston's Museum of Fine Arts.

(Laura Faye Martin, Photo Credit)

Alas, I'm always a bit concerned with the posting copywrighted work, so instead I'm taking an image from Flickr below.

This is Stella's "Factories at Night."

It's striking in its geometric patterns-- the same depth of perception that is brought out in the above work.

Also, I can't help but to also think of the recent Brice Marden retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.

The way the colors line up in the triptych formation-- it's like a hyrid... a "Stellarden", shall we say-- ala Brangelina or Lamgelina?

Good stuff all.

Do I pass Art History Comparison 101?

(Photo credited to Wajiii on


Anonymous said...

Hey wait is that Brice Marden painting a representation of the Irish flag? Go Irish!

Oly said...

Umm... since when is slate gray the equivalent to orange?