Monday, January 22, 2007

Compare and Contrast 101 with Dmitri Cavander and J.S. Clark

I was glancing through Flickr today and found some nice images of the open road.

This work is by J.S. Clark.

Taken from inside his car more than likely on I-75 on the Hillsborough County/Pasco County Line in Florida.

The second image was taken in Palm Beach County.

I really like how his images include the dashboard-- it really brings with it a sense of being there with him in the driver's seat.

I'd almost bet he has a leather wheel cover to grasp as he's clicking away.

There's something truly cold about these works that brings a harsh reality to the ever-warm Sunshine State.

Very post-apocalyptic, if you ask me; especially with the large Cumulus Clouds in the sky-- a true year-round Florida phenomenon.
Such miles and miles of sheer nothingness; Not really farmland, not really "natural"; a developer's dream, except for the lack of any true thing TO develop into in these locals-- just a truly forgotten land.

One of the best things about not owning a car is that when you do find yourself in one, you develop a true appreciation of the sights, the movement, the moments all along the way.

I crane my neck in anticipation for each and every horizon.

I'm going to compare this work to one of my favorite artists from Boston, Dmitri Cavender.
Although of two vastly different geographic regions, both examples of work have an ability to suspend time of day as well as season.

For instance-- is it dusk, or dawn?

Represented by MPG Gallery, I first was struck by Cavander's work around 2001 when I found his work next to mine at our common slide photographer.

Dmitri has had some shows in the NY area-- including DFN Gallery (my old stomping ground)-- for which I contacted him give us a piece for one of the many group shows.

Cavander also has a great ability to make the driver's perspective your own.


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J.S. Clark said...

Thank you so much, Oly! I will just add (self-servingly) that more of my photos can be found linked from my website, if your readers are interested.