Thursday, January 11, 2007

Spotlight on Laura Faye Martin

Recently I received some really nice images from my trip to Boston taken by my friend Laura.

She's currently enrolled at Boston University's new center for digital photography.

I have to say, they've just blown me away with their depth of color, unique angles and time elapse.

Of course, the ICA does a lot of work for you with its stunning architecture, but it takes a unique eye to be able to transfer all of this into an image.

Heck, I just got back my pics from Duane Reade of "fall," and let's just say they don't look like this.

The blue lights on the right remind me of little miniature blueberry pies at midnight in the north pole -- if the north pole was Studio 54 in 1979.

I love the photo of this totally random dude just hanging out by the window-- NOT that he's posing or anything after seeing a chick with a camera pointing directly at him. It's so Boston hipsterish, I can't even begin to tell you the memories this invokes.

Excuse the layout... we're still learning here on formatting, etc..

Ahh, a hair photo-- nothing captures Lamgelina's essence better.

Finally, let's go to the skyline.

Even the cold of night feels new here... especially the soft reflection on the harbor and Custom House Tower in the background.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, is your friend into Jesus? It seems like she is, I am for sure. Do you think there's any chance her and I could meet?

Mom said...
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Oly said...

"Eight year olds, dude. Eight year olds."
John Goodman, "The Big Lebowski."