Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dry spell this week

One of the things that this blog has enabled me to do is look backwards while still focusing on the future.

I thought I'd use this photo of my rental car view of a Florida sunset to illustrate my point.

Until I go to more galleries and more shows, I'm going to be a bit on the dry side here.

I have a million things to do right now, (work and personal life) and taking care of myself is priority numero uno.

Of course, please feel free to comment on any review.

I really like to see who my readers are.

Also, if anyone wants to give any recommendations on my writing here, and what I can do to improve, (or to start actually getting published in journals, sites, etc.), would be greatly appreciated.

I doubt I'll be postless for very long-- it's my goal to do this each and every day, but for right now, it's just something I can't handle.

Thanks for your time, as always.

Olympia (aka Lamgelina in this case)


brenda O said...

Hi Oly aka Lamgelina:

I was just checking in to see what you had been up to...what is wrong with the folks...why aren't they writing in...??? I must say that I am relieved that you too have dry spells...I am currently straddling Arts Administration and Art Making and it's driving me bonkers. Of course it is only made worse by children being home for the school break...so now I am forced to do busy work...as I can't get to the studio. I was wondering about your work???

You said something about you doing art shows? Are you an artist when you are not working for the man? Are you a curator? What made you start all this? It must drive you nuts when people don't give you feed back.

I frankly would have nothing to say in blog...except whine about my kids...but it's great that you devote your free time to running around art shows and expressing you feelings about the stuff that is out there.

Have you been to Brooklyn to see the Global Feminisms show? I must get into New York before it closes.

I'll look forward to your wet/moist spells....

You go girl! yourself.
Brenda O ( sama )Oelbaum ;C)

Oly said...

Brenda, babe, yeah, I'm an "artist."

An artist with a journalism degree who's worked in tv and the financial world for far too long.

An artist who does about 1 painting every six months.

But you know, there are goals to set-- and hope to keep.

So yeah.

But in the past, yes, I've organized art exhibits with multiple groups-- 2 solo shows, and a 5-member show.

In Boston for years I did band booking as well.

But now, I find myself dabbling in my curiosity for reviewing-- combining my interests, skills and tastes into one.

I recently contacted an independent filmmaker here in NYC who has a striking documentary on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-- and wish to find a way to do a group show on this subject, given it's close to my heart and personal experiences.

So yeah, I've got ideas-- I just need to act on them.

It's just a difficult time as of late-- but getting by day by day.

Email me at pialamb@aol.com

Would love to talk more.

Be well!