Monday, April 23, 2007

Celebrating cute garbage

I couldn't think of a possibly more offensive title than what I've come up with to describe "Suupaa Pop," currently on exhibition at the American Intitute of Graphic Art's Design Center at 164 Fifth Avenue.

Perhaps I've just grown tired of the subgenres of anime, manga, Japanimation, Harjuku Lovers, Cibo Mato, Shonen Knife, and maybe, just maybe, even Yoko herself.

In no uncertain terms-- here is what's left of the after-effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.........

Cuteness everywhere!

Even on our garbage!

And that, my friends, is what in a nutshell graphic design for "product" is.

It's making trash "cute."

I guess you could say that if you have a bottle of tea or snack food that's this funky, this tongue-in-cheek, this... uh... "pink hippo cutting-edge," you might be placated to "save," uh... or "display."

Come on!

Who am I kidding?

We all know it's going to end up at Fresh Kills, or somewhere of the like.

We are now entering the post-Yoshitomi Nara and Murakami era.

I want to just take these cute animals, and fluff, and puff, and whatnot and stuff it up these corporations' asses.

I'd prefer any day to go rent a copy of "Robotech" (greatest anime ever) and see this creativity in its finest mid-'80s timepiece, but all we are left with now is the remnants.

I'm hoping design eventually will take elements of reality into consideration, rather than mere "cartoonification."

But truth be told, there's nothing more bright, more sellable, more perfect for consumption (and truth be told, eye catching) and that's all that matters.

The dazzling array of color explosion here is organized so neatly, shelf by shelf.

Who wouldn't want a mini-tub of ice cream with the orange hued saturation at left?

Hence, here's my first really bad review of a show.

I think it's visually stunning, but truthfully 100% empty-- just like the packages themselves.

Once the product is drained, all you're left with is plastic.

A celebration of plastic people, plastic culture-- a great tie-in for 2007's first review post-Earth Day.

I guess this is what we've come to.

Enjoy the "cuteness" while it lasts, because truthfully it's just elevated garbage for now.

Truly disappointing show for one reason-- it says nothing about where design has been or is going.

Visuals are great-- but there must be some substance behind them.

Lamgelina over and out.

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