Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The painterly style of painting

If that's an actual way to describe a manner of painting, well, I'm going to use it to depict my feelings on Julian Lethbridge's works currently on display at Paula Cooper Gallery.

Much in the same way that I find a Bryce Marden work able to transport me into another dimension, I found a huge sense of calm take over me with each subsequent work.

Born in Sri Lanka, yet raised in England, I believe Lethbridge's natural cross-cultural lineage has greatly influenced his style.

I couldn't help but think of the sea snakes of the Indian Ocean; of ancient temples and their intricate carvings; of soft pallettes of earth tones mixed with a sudden brilliant swath of red, or gold.

All the same, there's certainly elements of on-the-surface conservatism of the British Empire.

Perhaps the patterns are too perfect-- not disjointed enough; holding back before reaching the point of no return.

Each subsequent application of paint begins to transform the work into layers of new dimensions.

I also can't help but think while looking at the magnified image of the work at right that each stroke reflects wavelike formations not unlike a raging Indian Ocean.

Enjoy these images-- I'm hoping these photos do at least some justice as to how beautiful these works are.

The exhibit is up until April 28th.

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