Friday, April 6, 2007

Road dangers and musician artists

It being a holiday weekend and whatnot, since millions of American are "on the road" this weekend, I thought I'd post a few pics from about a month ago that I took on I-75 in Tampa, Florida.

They tell you so many times in life not to drink and drive, but how about not to totally art nerd out and drive?

Or more "getting a great shot in motion with your Canon Powershot awesome digital camera in any way, shape or form that you can."

So there were a few swerves and near misses-- (bah)-- but I must say, for someone who's taken subways for the past 15 years, I did quite well with my Nascar driving skills.

My goal is to restart this blog next week.

I need to get a new memory card for the camera and get to the galleries tomorrow for some subject material.

Here's some new thoughts-- Artist/Musician.

I've known so many great ones, and thought it would be a great topic next week to focus on just a few... (David Byrne and Patti Smith notwithstanding, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.)

My ones are names more on the fringe than the Jim Lambie's of the world (hello, Teenage Fanclub masterpiece worker).
I'm thinking more on the lines of Mikey Welsh, former bass player for Weezer;
Nic Dalton, former Lemonheads bassist;
and Marlon Richards-- son of Keith).

Just a few to think upon as the pretty clouds and palms pass us by.

Review to come.
Stay tuned as Lamgelina gets her act back in gear.

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