Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One of those "loose ends" I promised

Running short on time today, but I wanted to remember to post regarding an artist I cannot believe I left off my Pulse review.

Frank Breuer's work struck me as some of the best in terms of its images of abandonment and stark loneliness.

Visions of a post-Cold war utopia gone wrong-- but on U.S. soil.
Backs of containers, close ups of "Big Box" architecture-- all-encompassing structures that from certain angles begin to take on new dimensions.

In this case, I see a different reality--perhaps an old covered bridge in Vermont, or barn in the midst of a field.

The eye is playing tricks on you.

There's such a palpable disconnect to his work-- visions of huge lines in giant warehouses waiting for the last loaf of bread.

Perhaps his take on a heavily feared Armageddon waiting to happen.
Breuer is repped by Fiedler Contemporary from Cologne, Germany.

These photos were all taken in New England-- Massachusetts in particular-- during Breuer's tenure as a visiting lecturer on Visual and Environmental studies at Harvard University.

At left is an area of Somerville best described as desolate, towards the Charlestown and Chelsea lines.

It is best left to the imagination what goes on at night. in this parking lot.
Some troubling work that doesn't let me sleep well upon second look.

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