Sunday, December 24, 2006

XMas eve and in the cafe

My eyes are about ready to pop out of their sockets-- hearing Frosty the Snowman with the Chipmunks singing along on the speakers in a dark as hell internet cafe in Cooper Square.

So for the nursing home gang I bought hand lotions, chocolate mints, and a bunch of jigsaw puzzles.

Going to step over to the "Big K" to see what other stuff they might have-- maybe some playdough for the Alzheimer's unit-- I know they like color and texture.

Still have no apetitite.
I'm amazed at what wonders TMJ does for weight loss.
I look truly hot, except for the unhealthiness of it all.

This weekend I've read more art magazines than humanly possible-- especially going back to my 2003 "Art in America" editions, as well as the current Flash Art and Art Forum.
Feel like my head's going to explode.
The junk lady down the street also had a FANTASTIC 1965 edition of Art Voices (think it's called that)-- with some great articles that still read timely today.
Was a great weekend-- in front of the tree, hanging with my darling roommate Courtney.
I feel like I'm "Izzy" from "Grey's Anatomy" who after lying on the floor for days finally picks herself up and stares around her, knowing action is the only thing one can do to change things.


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