Friday, December 29, 2006

It's that TIME again

It's Boston time again... or as they say, "return to the womb" time, or "scene of the crime," or "Memories light the corners of my mind..." or "I have nothing better to do for New Year's, so I go back to whence I came, get to hug my favorite dog and hang with my best friend."
Yes, that's it-- not bad at all.

But before I get there, can anything be better or more relaxing than a Saturday morning with my valuable time spent on the Fung WAAAHHHH?
I think NOT.

(photo credit Boston Josh on

Memories abound... from the time we crashed at the corner of Chrystie and Grand, to the time my purse was stolen with all my ID, credit cards and checkbook-- nothing beats $20 round-trip-- NUTHIN.

And on top of it, you get Mickey D's on the way... COULD I ask for anything more?

All they can do is charge the driver with a D.W.C. (DRIVING WHILE CHINESE) violation-- (pc people, please do not be offended, this bad joke came from a Chinese person)

In the meantime, today I've spent a good deal of time reading up on Fred Sandback -- such a true artist in every sense of the word who had an amazing ability to alter space, time and common perceptions of reality.

(photo credit from garvinpr on Flickr of a Paula Cooper Gallery show)

Upon my visit to Dia back in September with Senor Lendvai, I found his work more than any other-- (sorry old bag Louise Bourgeois... even Donald Judd and Richard Sera)-- NOTHING touched me more than seeing such pure simplicity take hold of a space in its entirety.

I felt like Marcel Marceau at one point, doing hand mime-work all along the works, face to face with my then boyfriend, fully expecting at any point for a time-portal to open up and spin us into an alternate universe.

Just stunning stuff.

I'm looking into starting some big courses in the New Year-- whether at SVA Continuing Ed., or at the Art Students League.

Today's MSN horoscope said by April I am to be doing my hobby, by summer having income from said hobby, and by December of 2007 be FULLY SELF-SUFFICIENT WITH $$$ FUNDS COMING FROM MY "hobby."

Now, mind you, it might end up being art criticism, or blogging, or pontificating or whatnot that eventually earns me my way to the forum, but until then I think I'll still show up to work each day.


Lamgelina Oly

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