Thursday, December 28, 2006

Don't touch my bag, Watusi... uh... Cabriolet

Yes, those words were spoken by a fellow subway passenger this morning to a passerby after she brushed her bag lady bag.

You COULD say "Only in New York, kids," but it wouldn't even BEGIN to do it justice.

There's simply no WAY I could ever beat that in a lifetime of word combinations.

Just magical.

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Your tired mom said...

Watusi is shorthand for "What you see?" maybe she was talking at you, how do I know, there is shorthand speak in florida, too. Otherwise, what would Watusi mean in the context?

By the way, somehow Judy's computer started playing Tom Jones' Help Yourself tune when I reached your myspace square with Tom's picture. Tell him I know what that song means, it is pro-non-monogamy.