Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two curatorial things of mine you can check out

First off, I'm not one much to toot my own horn when it comes to my activities and private career outside of blogging (I feel it's a bit improper to give away too much) but in this case, I felt it's time to give my readers a link to something special I've taken part in.

I was one of three curators for the current Winter Salon showcase at Denise Bibro Fine Art here in Chelsea.

My invitational selections for the show of artists were works by Daniel Giese, Christopher Reiger, Martha Walker, Ric Dragon, Michael Paul Miller, and Sarah K. Bean (image on left)-- all of which I can say are truly stunningly fantastic works being done by these extremely talented artists.

I also got the opportunity to select the works of several of the gallery represented artists-- Lisa Dinhofer, Carol Jacobsen, and Charles Olson-- as well as assisted in the selection of the works of Josephine Haden and the ever fantastic Joyce Korotkin.

Originally the show didn't have a theme, but I found that with each of my choices that I was starting to tell a story with the works-- man's altering of nature; an apocalyptic armageddon on the horizon; sensual lines and loops; and mastery of color, line and form.

Everyone included in the show I'm so very proud of, so I would love it if my readers could check it out.

My other recent project is not on the professional curator circuit, but on Flickr itself.

One of my favorite things about Flickr is the ability to have a "favorites" section.

(mmmm.... I'll have a Super Roast Beef with Horsey sauce, please...)

In my case, what I've gone about doing is try to remember everything and everywhere I've ever been before-- tracking sites and places from my childhood all the way up through today-- then going and finding them by doing Flickr searches.

Sure, that's time-consuming, and could possibly take up another lifetime, but it's worth it.

Included in my "selections" are searches for the Arby's Roast Beef sign in Tacoma, Washington; the Shell Factory sign in Ft. Meyers, Florida; Bok Tower and the Citrus Tower of Central Florida infamy; a pony in Wisconsin; Queechee Gorge, Vermont; Montreal; miniature daschunds, and places I want to see-- the Stave churches of Norway, for instance.

Image at right, "Norwegian Smile" by shoko!! on Flickr.

When I saw the Arby's sign still going strong, it brought a tear to my eye, as well as the tiny A&W Root Beer mug, which is exactly like the one I drank from when I was about three years old.

If you have 10-15 minutes out of your day, I highly encourage you to check out my slide show of these "curatorial selections."

They've just bowled me over in their quality and sentimental aspects.

As a question to everyone else-- if you have a Flickr account, please feel free to share them here.
I still think it's one of the best invention ever to view amateur and emerging photographers.


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