Friday, January 11, 2008

Gee, thanks, Bank of America and John Connelly

The United States of America was thisclose to having an industry go under and be forced to take responsibility for their own greed and ethically abhorrent practices.

But noooooo... Bank of America (my bank, thank you very much) decided to save Countrywide's ass from total annihilation.

Way to go, BOA!

Nothing says "lesson learned" by letting the upper echelons get away scot-free, as per usual, and have millions more in profits come their way from the continued shady practices of their brokers.

FYI-- the new way for brokers to get around the approval process is to stick people into "FHA" programs who do not qualify, and are not meant for this government-sponsored program.

Be prepared for the fallout from that one in another three years' time.

In related news, last night's opening for the A.A. Bronson's Shamanism exhibition at John Connelly Presents was wall-to-wall immobile last night and stank like piss, sweat, barf, dead fish, beer and cum.

No lie.

I literally almost threw up in there, it stank so bad.

Just like Bank of America, let's compare Connelly.

(image at right from Hrag Vartanian

In one of the "pieces," performance artist Michael Dudeck sat there nude, covered in head-to-toe white body paint, cradling a dead fish, perhaps wearing a long black wig, looking about as intriguingly in depth and spiritually relevant as Keanu Reeves did in "Little Buddha."

Great show, you guys.

Much in the same way that Bank of America bails out a bankrupt system of corrupt businessmen, Connelly bankrolls artists that are continuously suited for theater and theatrics rather than work that is anything but hard-hitting.

And Terrence Koh's "glory hole" bathroom stall was about as brilliant an idea as any addict in the Port Authority john could come up with.

Great stuff.

Did they watch the news or something about Senator Larry Craig and his wide stance?

Because if so, the Brad Pitt and George Clooney video spoof was 500 times better.

First exhibit of the year I've panned.

Please excuse my hate-filled vitriol, but I just can't keep my opinionated self confined when I see this type of work exhibited when so much better stuff is available.

Perhaps this means I'll be blacklisted, and I'm violating the rules of "be nice and find the good things when you write reviews,"' but what can I say, I am what I am, just as they is what they is.

So to Mr. Connelly and corporate America, (you are one and the same, no matter what your flowery press release language is) keep on the keeping on by propping up complete and total junk.

Eventually you'll learn that the stench doesn't necessarily go away when the exhibit comes down.

It lingers.

Oly, over and out.

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Anonymous said...

There is good gay art and then there is the bad. This show was bad. Sure, it gets an A for being a spectacle, but its not much else. The gallery is more like a club house. Do you think the artists pay a membership fee and have a secret handshake?