Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just two days left-- hurry for Tobias Putrih exhibit

Been a hugely busy past couple of weeks.

The six-day, dual career work week has been lulling me into complacency as of late for reviewing time, but soon I will be having some nice new imagery/reviews up in the next coming weeks.

Summer always gives us a nice opportunity to check out that field known as "emerging" artists, or the new guard, or youth troops; group shows; tributes; and the dreaded "group show," a.k.a., "Filler."
But before we delve into the depths of summer, summer, summertime... let's reflect on master wood draftsman Tobias Putrih.

Much in the way of an Ikea do-it-yourself project gone horribly awry, or the classic link-in-log sets you used to play with as a child, Putrih has taken over the window of Max Protetch Gallery.

Even though previously I discussed the Yue Minjun exhibit, the Putrih piece is NOT to be overlooked in the Project Space.

I love how the formation takes on a life of its own-- kind of a living being, a Burning Man for indoors, a plywood behemoth brought to life.

Minimalism at a crossroads with the power of mathematical combinations.

Which shapes or forms can you construct?

Too inumerable to count!

I also find that it's also a nice take on consumerism-- because once you buy one piece, you'll need more to complete the project, the quote/unquote "vision."

Just be careful-- you know how cheaply made those prefab furniture sets are.

This is only up until Friday the 29th-- HURRY!

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