Friday, June 15, 2007

Janaina Tschape at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

One of my current favorite shows right now is Janaina Tschape at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

Her work brings to mind sea-like organisms tossed amidst luxurious fabrics and organic formations, such as a jungle in a strange land inaccessible to the human touch except through the subconscious realm.

Each of Ms. Tschape's abstracted works tend to be nature-focused in their makeup.

Take for instance, the honeycombing effect so prevalent in her backgrounds.

With "Cosmicomics," the work at right--I cannot help but be reminded of hollow seed shells left tumbling by the roadside in the backwoods of Vermont.

Compare the intricacies here to a natural rock erosion formation in New Zealand at left.

(Picture courtesy of motheater2 on Flickr.)

The strong color saturations bring to mind the earlier works of Inka Essenhigh-- 2001's in particular, with its Walt Disney-fied blue hues.

I also cannot help but look at this work at right and see an instantaneous recognition of the tentacles of jellyfish or sea anemonies reaching out through the kelp gardens.

Sometimes nature can be found in the most surprising of places-- even in a show that states "accidents, blots or splashes are problems to be fixed, made coherent by instinctive aesthetic judgment."
(at least according to the press release)

Yet looking at the work at right, "Early Afternoon," compared with the image below, I cannot help but see many similarities.

There is a beautiful motion to her work-- soft, flowing out from center, much in the way the group of delicate sea creatures untangle themselves from their underwater gardens.

My favorite work is below, "Thicket."

I wouldn't find Bambi here... more likely an anaconda-- Tarzan lost amidst so much modern complexity.

The show will be up through June 23rd at Sikkema Jenkins & Co., 530 West 22nd Street.

(Tschape's Images courtesy of Sikkema Jenkins & Co.)

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