Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oink Oink!-- Happy Year of the Golden Pig!!!

Oh, yeah-- it's 'works time with the 'fetti blasts!!!

So many reasons to love Chinatown.
Here are just a few reasons of why "I" love NY and Chinatown.

Confetti never looked more beautiful... or like floaters in your eyeball.

The sun peeked out in midday with the cold sun.
Overcast and cold mostly, but still a lot of warmth with the people... and the excellent sugar donuts and entants??sp? from the Dragonland Bakery!!!

It's Dragon dance time!

This little dragon came out to play and really is quite cuter than any of the dancers above.

one little fishy, two little fishies, one lil kitty.
Excuse the bad joke here, but.... I'm awaiting the "Year of the Golden Hello Kitty" myself.
Much joy and cuteness will take place to anyone born that year-- and with no allergic reactions to cat dander and Peroki, but of course!

1 comment:

laurafaye said...

You don't need ME to take pictures! :-(
Great confetti shots. HOpe you have a good weekend and enjoy more of that grand city of yours. We will visit soon.