Friday, February 23, 2007

Lamgelina takes on the Manhattan art shows

Alas, this might be the last post for a bit.

I leave you with a nighttime vision of my all-time fave, Deitch Projects on Grand Street.
Next week is a bit hairy with midweek trip to Florida and a ton of work to be done.
But as of next weekend I hopefully should be posting lots of reviews and photos from this weekend's invasion of the Art fairs taking over Manhattan.

Scope... Pulse... Red Dot... Armory Show.... Just to name a few.
Most likely will skip the Armory-- a bit overpriced for what it really is, but alas, it's okay.
In other news, there's now a home to Lamgelina's own art photography now on Flickr.

Enjoy the feed and have a bubble tea or two or three.

Be well!

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