Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Karina Wisniewska at Sara Tecchia-Roma

There's a song callled "Simplicity is Beautiful" on the great Juliana Hatfield cd, "Only Everything."

You can also apply these very words to painting as well.

Most of the time I find with so many artists that they take on the personas of court jesters-- doing anything and everything just to get your attention.

It's similar to what happens when you walk into a daycare.

Upon entrance you're greeted with cartwheels, frantic jumping up and down; performers ALL-- "Look at me! Watch me! See what I can do?"

But more often than not, the best artist is the shy kid in the back, fingers deeply stuck in the paste, eyes focused on the work at hand.

The artist currently on display at Sara Tecchia-Roma Gallery on West 20th Street has mastered the power of understatement.

Form, line and color all play a direct role in the success of Karina Wisniewska.

But what makes Wisniewska's work different from plain minimalism is the addition she adds--quartz sand-- which forms new pathways through her works, branching out in so many different fabulous directions.

Rather than a distraction, it is a perfect complement.

It calls to mind memories of the intricacies of chocolate truffles in the display case, perhaps; or luxurious wedding napkin designs at the finest boutiques.

I find that each work highlights magnification as well.

Looking closely, you might see the make up of fabric, almost like linen fibers under a microscope.

There's a familiar grid pattern; organizing, categorization, overlay, framework!

Much in the way a tennis racket's gut strings can be manipulated to and fro with your fingers, I see the pathways she was taking to get her work to this point.

The show runs until May 26th.

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